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Canada Goose

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Founded in Toronto over 50 years ago, Canada Goose is the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme weather outerwear. Designed and developed in Canada, Canada Goose down coats are as effective on Everest excursions as they are in the city. Boasting utility fabrics and high-tech innovation, Canada Goose is designed to keep you warm. The brand’s use of natural coyote fur and goose down insulation adds luxury to classic winter-weather styles, appealing to the modern city woman with flattering silhouettes and simple styling.

canada goose sale
canada goose sale

CANADA GOOSE canada goose jacket sale
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canada goose parka sale The Canada Goose is probably the most widely known of goose species in North America. Their distinctive call is a harbinger of spring and autumn for many who live under their migratory flight path.

Canada Geese are prized by hunters as one of the choicest game fowl, but the animal’s characteristic wariness, together with protective regulations, prevent serious depletion of its population.

Canada Goose parka sale
Canada Goose parka sale

These birds mate for life, and the young stay with their parents for several months after hatching. A gender protecting the nest makes a very formidable adversary: his wings are capable of delivering a blow of surprising force, sufficient to rout foxes and similar predators, not to mention humans.

Animal-rights activists are planning to protest outside Wild Rock Outfitters Sunday afternoon because they’re unhappy the store sells Canada Goose coats.

The coats have coyote-fur trim, and animal rights activists have called it abhorrent and cruel.

Following protests outside stores in Toronto and New York City that sell Canada Goose parkas, local activists are going to picket too.

Members of Peterborough Animal Life Save (PALS) are organizing their first protest, outside the Charlotte St. store, and they’re inviting the public to join them.

canada goose jacket sale
canada goose jacket sale

PALS is the same organization that protested the first-ever rodeo at the Peterborough Exhibition in August.

Michael Daly, a founding member of PALS, said the use of fur is brutal and unnecessary, and that coyotes suffer terribly at the hands of Canada Goose.

He doesn’t see why local people need to wear fur to keep warm.

“We aren’t living in the Arctic here – it’s just unnecessary,” Daly said. “We don’t need to cover ourselves in animal pelts in Peterborough, Ontario.”

The popular parkas made by Canada Goose sale have become the new target of animal-rights activists, now that full-length fur coats have more or less fallen out of fashion.

Canada Goose was founded in Toronto and recently sold a majority stake to a U.S. private equity firm in order to expand its reach into the international market.

As cheap Canada Goose coats grow in popularity, so does the backlash from people who think wearing fur is cruel.

In September, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested the grand opening of the first stand-alone Canada Goose store in Toronto.

PETA also organized another protest at a store opening in New York City in November.

Now, PALS is going to protest in front of Wild Rock Outfitters on Charlotte St. – the only store in Peterborough that sells Canada Goose.

Daly said they have received support from PETA; the literature they will hand outcomes from the American organization for animal rights.

Scott Morrison, co-owner of Wild Rock, said it will be the third time anti-fur activists have picketed outside the store (the other protests weren’t organized by PALS, said Daly).

Morrison said he’s “between a rock and a hard place” when it comes to choosing merchandise for the store.

Some customers demand Canada Goose cheap, he said; they see fur as a renewable resource that’s environmentally friendly. But if you sell Canada Goose, it enrages anti-fur activists.

The alternatives aren’t perfect either, Murison said: Polyester and nylon are derived from oil-based products, for instance.

Cotton crops often require the harshest possible insecticides; wool needs to be processed and bleached, which isn’t environmentally friendly.

“The winning solution is, buy once and buy well,” Morrison said. “Keep your coat for a long time, as opposed to buying disposable, poor-quality goods.”

The PALS protest is taking place between 1 and 4 p.m. outside Wildrock Outfitters at 169 Charlotte St. on Sunday.

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